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Today Emily went over to a friend’s house for the first time. She asked me to come along, so I did, but I sat in the living room and talked with the other mom while the girls played all over the house, even going outside just the two of them to play.

Emily had an excellent time, and says that we should go over there again. Absolutely we will!

Last night I was over at Turtlegirl76’s place, and had a fantastic meal followed by a fun evening of knitting and watching trashy TV. When I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror, I realized that Turtlegirl76’s lights were much, much brighter than mine. For the first time, I was able to see that I’m getting wrinkles.

Eh, it had to happen sooner or later. Overall, still a good 24 hours.

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Pat’s fiber supplies.

January 26th, 2008 14 comments

I have a problem, and I could use some advice.

I’m interested in purchasing Pat’s spinning wheel. She wrote me in March 2007 that she had an Ashford Traveller. I have no idea what condition it’s in, but she could get 300-400 dollars for it if it’s in working order, and I of course would be willing to pay that fair price. I like the idea of spinning Pat’s fiber on Pat’s wheel.

How the heck do I bring this up with her family? Should I even try, or let it go? I don’t want to seem like a vulture. I’ve already got a wheel, so it’s not that I’m looking to pick up a bargain at her family’s expense, I just think it would be nice to have this extra piece of her life, and of course I’d give it a good home.

I’d also like to volunteer to evaluate and sell any yarn or knitting supplies she has. I know she has some, but I don’t know what quality. I’d be glad to help with that, either by giving an opinion or by actually taking the items and selling them online and sending the money and a report back to her family. I don’t know what kind of medical expenses Pat’s care entailed, but it had to have been significant. I’d like to help her family, because I think she’d want that.

I’ve never been in a situation like this, and I’m afraid that I’ll come off as insensitive or that I’ll hurt their feelings somehow.

Any thoughts?

ETA: has graciously offered to approach her son about this for me.

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