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Take the A Train

January 15th, 2008 2 comments
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Pardon my French, but…

January 15th, 2008 16 comments

HOLY CRAP. It’s a post-Christmas miracle! This is the proposal from my kid’s music teacher. She was asking for enough xylophones for her music room for all the students to use in a given class period. The Browncoats and friends raised about $800 smackers for that proposal, out of a needed $4000+. I genuinely thought there was absolutely no way the proposal would be funded. But there it sits, only $95 short of its goal with only nine days left to go.

WHAT HAPPENED? Did Bill Gates take up the marimba? Did the ghost of Lionel Hampton smile down upon Charlotte? Did some eccentric billionaire watch Em’s production of the Music Man and remember the school in his will?

I have no idea… but wow. Just wow.

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