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And all for the want of a slinky.

December 2nd, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

slinky tangle
Em loves this Slinky. Well, loved. It does get tangled. Up until now we’ve always been able to unwind it, but this was beyond repair.

This time, she became extremely frustrated and refused all help. We decided to leave her to her devices.

The slinky was untangleable. She got frustrated. She started slinging it around. It hit the telescope. The telescope fell on her foot. The fall dented the telescope and cut her toe badly. She bled like a stuck pig and understandably began yelling. We put one bandaid on, and then another after that one soaked through.

She’s finally calmed down. We’ll get another Slinky. But hopefully there’s a lesson learned.

Oof, what a night.

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